Nic Oosthuizen Born in 1938, Nic Oosthuzen discovered early on in life that his passion lay in art. And then not only in the creation of art, but also in teaching. He completed his formal education in fine art under Walter Batiss and Anna Vorster. Shortly after he started teaching art as a matric subject at various High Schools including Nelspruit, Heidelberg and Linden. Even though he started painting painting part-time in 1960 whilst still farming and teaching, it wasn’t until 1969 that he decided to follow his heart and take up painting as a full time career. Nic Oosthuizen started painting Bar Ladies in Oils and Waterpaints initially, and later, as he perfected his technique, branched out to the children and farm scenes that he is so well known for today. When Nic Oosthuizen paints these scenes, be it a shepherd farmer, his dog and his sheep walking home in the sunset along a dusty farm road, or kids playing kricket with Granny amongst the chickens, we are always riddled with melancholy and memories of a time when things were simpler and great joy was found in the little things in life. Nic Oosthuizen currently resides in the Vaal and is a mentor to his daughter, Susan Greyling, also a very established artist.