Filled with the Holy Spirit

Her work invokes a strong sense of nostalgia and one cannot but help remember days gone by, whether the memories are real or not. Maria uses interesting textures and lines ensuring that one will never become tired of her paintings. Every painting is inspirational and touching.

“I believe my highest calling in life is my relationship with God, my husband, my children

and to love all people, with the love God has for us. My friends and family provide a balance

in my life and keep me humble. They are all extraordinary people!”

Although she had no formal training in art, it was, is and always will be part of her life. She grew up with an artist mother, experiencing all forms of creativity.

“I am inspired by God for He is the creator of all beautiful things. He called me for His purpose and

in obedience and love of art, I paint with all I am to worship Him. Therefore I pray that each painting

will touch you like it touched me whilst painting it. Most people know me as Arnelda, but I sign my

paintings as Maria. Although this is my birth name, it also symbolizes my dependence on God”.