(1964 - 2018) When it came to painting flowers, there was only one name that really stood out: Liesel Brune...she was a fragile, inspiring, female artist.  Whenever one sees her unique work, there is no doubt that she is an unpredictable, but approachable women. Sometimes the soft pastel colours between darker shadows amazes people.

Liesel, a spring child, was born in 1964 in the majestic Western Transvaal and her love for nature and the flowers is clearly depicted in her work.  Soft oils on canvas, rich in shades and textures, give life to her paintings and a touch of pastel here or a soft line there captures the essence of a blooming flower in such a manner that it makes one feel like sighing with tenderness when standing in front of her paintings. 

Today she is a well known and loved artist who is popular amongst art lovers, galleries and collectors across the country and in some places in the world.  But things were not always like that...

After matriculating from Westvalia High School, she went on to study BA Fine Arts in Pretoria.  In 1986 she received her degree from the University of Pretoria under Prof Nico Roos.  Even though art has always been in her blood and she knew that it would be a very big part of her life, she decided on a career in the media advertising industry. 

She taught art at Richards Bay High School for a few years and then did some freelance work for The Beeld newspaper, which included layout and design.  She only started painting full time after the birth of her three sons.   

It was a friend who encouraged her not to waste her God-given talent and to start painting professionally.  After many solo, group and house exhibitions, Liesel finally decided to apply for the New Signatures 2006 exhibition at Alice Art Gallery.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Liesel believes that colour plays a very important role in the creation of a work of art since it determines the mood of the viewer’s emotion.  “I have always been influenced by the old masters such as Rembrandt, Vermeer and all the classical artists and I especially like the combination of darkness and light, shadow and sunlight.  Strong lines and heavy composition also influence me as well as classic still lives”, says Liesel about her work.  She is fond of playing with negative space and the underlying tension between objects and this creates a serene and flowing piece that calms the senses.

Liesel’s wonderful technique took years to perfect and refine.  Her preference for painting flowers also comes from her younger days when her mother worked as a florist.  She loves to experiment with different themes, but felt that painting flowers was a bigger challenge and there are only a few artists who mastered the painting of flowers. 

Although Liesel’s work is mostly popular in South Africa where she had numerous successful exhibitions, she also has clients as far as Germany.  Some of her work is currently on display at the Zeit für Kunst Gallery in Hamburg and also in Amsterdam, Nederland.

She lives according to the quote of Artemisia Gentileshi (1600’s) “Inside the soul of this women, you will find the spirit of Ceaser!”

Her work has already reached investment status and is displayed in some of the country’s top art galleries.