Lienkie was born in Pretoria in 1949 and raised in the Western Transvaal. She obtained her B.A degree in expressionistic art at the University of Pretoria in 1971. Lienkie believes that there is a place in life for every type of artist, even those that will never be recognised as artists. She believes that an artist must be as free as possible. The creativity of each artist lays in the creative activity of the brain and the more free you can think and develop, the more creative you act. She does a lot of nature and still-life in oil and water and also experiments with Sjablone and spray technique and other art materials to create an interesting effect. These experiments had led to several bird studies that she did on rice paper. These rice paper birds were so popular with the public, that she ended up spending to much time on it. She stopped the rice paper work and concentrates more now on the exposure of colourful children, farm scenes and similar subjects. Lienkie believes that art doesn’t necessarily have to reflect the world as it is, but rather the way that people want to see it. In this colourless fast world we surely need to make place for a little bit of colour and romance. "I believe that the talent we received from God is a gift that no individual may take for granted. Each gift from God should thus be directly or indirectly used to His honor. My work is an effort to capture a little beauty that got lost and forgotten in this fast life and bring it back."