Glendine captures the elusive vastness of the Namib and Karoo with a beautifully balanced use of detailed line work and generous swaths of sky and texture.  Her landscapes are inspired by crumbling and deserted homesteads, rusty windmills and dust-laden red sunsets.

Glendine’s more abstract masterpieces focus on more personal and internal expressions of life, while her studies of women are sad, passionate, lonely and haunting.  To highlight the intimacy of her work the artist often combines images and words to convey a personal image and touch.

Her rich colour palette is intense and vibrant with jewel colour,pattern and gold-leaf.  She increasingly uses fabric, found objects and hand stitching to create deeply layered work with depth and character. Glendine studied and taught fine art and lives and works in the beautiful Karoo. She has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in South Africa and recently had a solo exhibition in New York.  Her work adorns homes and embassies in the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa.

The fantastic yearly exhibitions to which we have all started to look forward to have mostly been inspired by strong female figures such as Ingrid Jonker, Frida Khalo and Helene Martins.The recent loss of her son has compelled her to explore issues surrounding life and more specifically life after death and her own spiritual life of faith.. It is this quality that has made her one of our country’s top- and most loved, artists.

Her love affair with the Karoo has marked her work and her life. Every aspect of it: the noise, the silence, the sun, the stars, the dust, the openness, the endlessness.. It raises an unrivalled passion in her that floods out onto her canvass. The pull of this wonderland has proved irresistible to her, and she has recently relocated to live and work in that haven of inspiration.

This artist has reached the almost unattainable status of the elite few, and joined the pantheon of top South African Artists. This is because of her mass-market appeal, and the fact that her work is not only deeply personal, but also accessible and joyful.

She is grateful for her God- given talent, and thanks the Lord every day for his grace by using her ability to paint to inspire and uplift those around her. For Glendine, nothing is more important than this: Using your gifts every day to inspire, involve and engage people everywhere.