I am a 28 year old artist from Zimbabwe now living and working in Port Elizabeth, Mandela Bay, in the Eastern Cape. I started painting at the age of 9 years in the city of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I became fascinated with the art of drawing and began to make sketches depicting cars and dogs. My “canvas” in those early days was pieces of scrap paper I brought home from school. Soon after my mother and father began to notice my talent they made a decision to send me to Mizilikasi Art Centre in Bulawayo. I was now about 15 years of age and it the first time I came into contact with paint and proper canvas. It was here I learned about proportion and the mixing of colours to create the perspective and hues that depicts life the way I see it. Today I have my own studio where I work from home. My art now proudly hangs in homes from Cape Town to the Netherlands.