Welcome to the love filled world of Elsbeth’s art… I am inspired by beauty in many forms… the beauty of a smile, in nature, the beauty in a pretty dress, and most of all….the beauty that lies in all of us… in my art you will meet fashionable little angels, flying around with their animal friends, spreading love, joy and happiness… my paintings tell a story, so look closely… and you’ll be reminded that you are beautiful, special and loved or they will simply make you smile….

With her long curling locks Elsbeth looks just like one of her angels.  Elsbeth only started painting seriously after school and her style is mostly children’s art, and not at all serious.  She has always drawn and sketched, but her actual forte at school was drama, and she was a student at the Pro-Arte Art School.  Her mother Elme’ is also an artist and the pair started exhibition their work together at Zoo lake at the Johannesburg Zoo.  Later she started selling her work to a gallery in Pretoria, but it was when she took part in the New Signatures Exhibition at Alice Art Gallery that people started to sit up and take notice.


For her nine year old daughter Amber, art is an everyday thing, and she too is a very artistic child.  Originally Elsbeth started painting female figures, and these later turned into her Angels.  She explains that her Angels are playful and not at all serious, very fashion conscious and not at all self-conscious.  They have beautiful curves in all the right places.  It troubles her greatly that so many women are worried about their figures.  A  woman is the most beautiful creature on earth!  We may not all be as good as we want to be, but we all have an angel in us!

The most important theme in her paintings is always love.  Her figures always show love for each other and the environment, and all the little animals that she so loves to paint.