Carol Caudwell was born in Germiston in 1968 and grew up in the beautiful surroundings of Magaliesburg. Inspired by her Father’s love for art, she joined the Johannesburg school of Art, Ballet, Drama and Music, first specializing in music and then changing over to art.Carol acquired a diploma in ceramics from WITS Technicon where she excelled in Sculpture. Upon completing her diploma, she began a Pottery Studio in Magaliesburg and due to its growing success, this soon became a thriving factory in Modderfontien supplying local chain stores, which was eventually hand painting up to 4000 units per day.As part of a journey of self-discovery and healing Carol turned to Iconography and painted numerous icons and two Orthodox Churches fully clad with stylized patterns and iconography, yet throughout this time she yearned to do 3D work. For her 40th birthday she attended a Wood Turning course and enjoyed turning a few pieces, but found wood very static and sterile hankering for the fluidity of clay.2011 finally brought the fulfillment of a lifelong dream as she started sculpting in wax and bronze casting and has found enormous joy in this creative process.