Born in December 1962 Annette Poulton was one of those rare babies pre destined to live a life filled with creative energy.  Greatly driven by her passion for God, nature and people, it was inevitable that soon she would start pouring this out on canvass.

After completing her studies as a teacher, Annette started a career as a graphic layout artist at the erstwhile ‘Vaderland’ newspaper.  She also taught at Roodepoort High school for a while, but returned to her first love, art, and started doing silk-screening and package design.  Not long afterwards she started painting full-time.  Immediately she found her niche in the art market, and started doing commissions for the JHB city library and a few solo exhibitions.  Although the demand for her work was increasing, it was only when she met Alice Pitzer of Alice Art gallery that her career really started to take off, and she started making a name for herself.  Soon Annette Poulton became a household name, and her unique style was widely recognized.

Annette is greatly inspired by the stories her father used to tell her when she was only a little girl, and by the harvesting she used to witness during her stay in the Cape.  This is the essence of her paintings that makes them so easy to identify with, and conjures the most delightful memories in all who stand before one of her pieces.  It is this universal appeal that has made Annette Poulton one of our most loved artists.  To her a painting is not merely a picture, it is a story, a feeling, poetry, a way of  communicating with the buyer. 

She currently lives in the West rand with husband Eddie, a wonderfully supportive man who has always been her rock.  She has two daughters aged 21 and 23 who are also very talented.  She spent the past few months taking a break from work, and only painting for pleasure, but for this prolific artist the time out has been long enough and she is ready to get back to work full time again.  She will soon be moving to Ballito full time, and we cant wait to see how living near the ocean will shape this wonderful artists work.